100% Grass Fed & Finished Beef & Lamb
Organic Fed Pork, Chicken & Eggs
Chemical, Hormone & GMO Free
Tender, Lean and Delicious
Federal USDA Inspected


Health Benefits

   Grass fed beef is leaner than grain fed beef. It is nutrient rich
in iron, zinc, protein, beta-carotene, vitamin E, Omega 3 and CLA
(conjugated linoletic acid).

No soy protein or grain is fed to our cattle. It is low in fat
and calories.  An all natural product raised without growth
hormones, antibotics, pesticides or GMO feed!

Crossbred Piedmontese Beef

   The Piedmontese breed is from the alpine regions of Northern Italy.  
Our Angus, Murray Gray, Short Horn, and White Face Hereford beef
cattle are bred with Piedmontese and Angus bulls.  Offspring
are double-muscled, with a smaller frame which provides more meat
and less waste.  Meat is significantly leaner than beef
raised in conventional feedlots.  Lower cooking temperatures
are required.  Steaks and hamburger cook in less time.

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